The next time you get a call from scruples marketers, be on your guard.  Fraudsters posing as employees of the Insurance Regulator are luring customers with false promises. The racket has managed to sell an estimated 4,000 policies to gullible buyers every year.  It is estimated that daily around 100000 people across the country receive such fraudulent calls and a lot of them fall prey to their attempt.   Once the sales are carried out by a bluffer sales person and policy is issued, what are the options available and what should be done.  The I-Q Team comes for your rescue and action depends on the time period you come to know about it.  Insurance Sale Fraud by some dishonest Agents is a wilful and deliberate sale, for the purpose of selling insurance policies for their financial gain, done under false pretence and is illegal.  The Customer when faced with such an attempt needs a solution to the problem.  They need immediate advice on what to do once the premium is deducted from its account. We provide guidance and advice which turn out to be very useful to the insurance Customers.