It is no surprise to see that out of an average of about  3 lakh complaints filled on insurance per year, more than 50% are on mis-selling. Now and then, bluffer Fake Marketers/Intermediaries  try to sell to Customers insurance policies through fake promises and offers. They sometimes sell policies by offering heavy discounts, gifts, free travel packages, bonus offers, revival of dormant policies etc.   They change their sales pitch again and again from time to time.  We all come across various telephonic calls regarding sale of various insurance policies by tempting offers, discounts or/and schemes.   The modus operandi of these scamsters is similar to those used in Nigerian scams and lottery frauds.  Some tell the victim that a big bonus has been declared on its existing or past policy but to get the money he must buy a new policy.  Some lure buyers by saying that their policy has been chosen for a bonus payment through a random draw and the bonus will be credited to the buyer’s account if he buys a new policy. The customer sometime early and sometime later comes to know about the mis-selling and feels scammed.  There is a growing concern among the insurance industry as well customers about the increasing incidence of fraud selling.  We at that time help the customer to find the unbiased  right solution.  We provide a solution which keeps the Customers safe even if a policy is sold and a certificate delivered to it.