Insurance claims is a specialized subject and any mistake at any stage may lead to claim rejections also. The Claim Settlement Ratio is an important parameter, both by the number of policies and the benefit amount paid. Generally, claims fall into four buckets: claims settled, claims rejected, claims written back and claims pending.  A 90% claims settlement ratio means one in every 10 policies was rejected.  Claims settlement ideally should be upwards of 95%. In fact, when you look at the volumes of claims, you will notice that claim rejection by value is more than the volume.  This means, the higher value claims are being rejected and so tracking claims settlement becomes even more relevant.   Further, the claims are segregated as individual (retail policies) and group claims.  The underpaid claims in itself are a huge issue. There may be various reasons for rejection or underpaid, and here you need our help and advice to re-claim your justified claim through right ways.