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Inso Quotient (I-Q) Team is always there to assist and support you in all your insurance related queries, issues and claim settlement including false marketing, fake marketers, insurance frauds, lapsed policies, invalid policies, claim processing, fair claim settlement & claim recovery, and more.

You need to download our app (I-Q) which is freely available for android and apple stores. One needs to fill a Simple Form, share required details to get registered . Once you get registered can login and upload the case details along with documents in support for study by expert I-Q Team.
I-Q Team will first study your case thoroughly and then suggest and support you with the best solutions available. I-Q team helps you represent your case properly and systematically at various Forums and Tribunal.
After reviewing your documents by our expert team, we will confirm if your case qualifies our criteria. Upon confirmation a token fees which may be Rs.599/- onwards + GST per case will be charged in advance and the this token fees depend on the case to case basis.
Generally, it takes anything between 15-30 days to resolve a normal case. In case, if the case has to move to the Ombudsman or Consumer Courts as the case may be, it may take time from 2 to 7 months also. The normal time limit for most of the cases are below 9 months.
You may have to present yourself, if required, may be only once, on hearing and the date of time of the same shall be informed to you in advance.
The free look provision is a mandatory provision that allows the Customer to examine a policy, and if dissatisfied for any reason, return the policy for a full refund of any premiums paid. We provide this facility to all your registered Members, free of any charges.
No, one has to register first as a Member by providing authentic details, then only your case will be considered for further action.
Members can login in their respective ID through app or software and check the case status. It is easy and available at a click of a button. However, we also provide you with your case status on a regular basis.
I-Q charges on successful resolved cases a service fee @ 11% of the amount received (plus Govt taxes). For example, if you received an amount of Rs.1,00,000/-, our charges shall be 11,000/- + Govt Taxes.
I-Q Team has come up with a special Corporate deal for multiple vehicle owners may it school, hospital, taxi operator, transporters wherein they will be provided door step schedule visits to resolve their grievances in general insurance viz partial theft, total theft, own damage, PA and third party matters and labor issues in Labor Court matter. The fees shall be dependent on number of vehicles, type of vehicles, number of visits finalized. Our Executives will call you and visit to finalize the deal.
Average claim denial rates are between 6% to 13%, but some hospitals are nearing a “danger zone” after COVID-19. Hospital claim denial rates are at an all-time high during unfortunate covid time.
We have partnered with specialized Law Firms, to take up the matter in the legal forum at special discounted fees specially for our registered Members.

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You can earn money by becoming an Adviser with us.  If you are an Insurance Agent, Students, Housewives, Retired Persons or in Private Job, you can fill a simple Form and earn money by referring insurance grievances cases, through our platform.  For more information contact our Customer Care.  For filling the Form, download of App (I-Q)

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