Know the reasons why a term Insurance claim rejected?

In this blog we will explain out all the possible reasons that could lead to rejection of your insurance claim. Getting your term insurance rejected could be the worst situation for your family after your demise. And this could bring a huge financial crisis over them. Term insurance policy has plenty of do’s and don’t […]
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How to claim a third party insurance

How to claim a third party insurance :- When you or any of your near and dear involved in an unfortunate road accident or your property is damaged by another person, the first thing you want is to deal with the hassle of a third-party claim. Make sure you know what to do to protect […]
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What to do if life insurance claim rejected without assigning any reason?

How to Choose Your Insurance Claim Advisor in 2022

How to Choose Your Insurance Claim Advisor? If you’re dealing with an insurance claim, the best thing you can do is to get a professional on your side. An insurance claim can be a complex and stressful process, but a professional can help you get the best possible outcome. There are a few things to […]
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Insurance Claim 2022

How Technology Help In Insurance Claim

How Technology Help In Insurance Claim Technology has revolutionized the insurance claims process. In the past, filing a claim was a lengthy and complicated process. Today, many insurance companies have online portals that allow customers to file claims quickly and easily. In addition, insurance companies are increasingly using technology to investigate claims. They may use […]
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3rd party insurance claim

3rd Party insurance claim and solution

Process of filing a 3rd party insurance claim If you’re making a 3rd party insurance claim, be sure to document everything. Take pictures of the damage, keep receipts for any repairs, and make sure to get a police report if necessary. Outline: 1. What to do if you’re in an accident. 2. How to document […]
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Inso Quotient Car Insurance Process 2022

How to Spot and Avoid Car Insurance Fraud in India

Ashish is a Delhi resident who recently purchased an automobile as one of his prized things. He was happy with his purchase, despite the fact that it was a used car in poor shape. When it came to getting insurance, he was befuddled and began looking for a good deal online or through friends. He […]
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